Do you remember that freedom and independence you felt the first time you rode a bike? The set of programs and initiatives now collectively known as “YBike” began in 2002 when a Presidio Y member began volunteering to teach kids how to ride bikes.

We realized early on that bicycles provide the perfect tool to help youth. Not only do our participants learn how to safely navigate the streets of San Francisco, but they also learn about their own local communities and other parts of the city including the Presidio. Led by caring adults, we engage more than 4,000 participants each year, resulting in thousands of youth who are active, outdoor enthusiasts and skilled cyclists.

YBike offers a wide range of bike and traffic safety education programs, including: afterschool bike clubs, bicycle safety rodeos, PE programs, Safe Routes to School bicycle and pedestrian safety education classes, and free helmet giveaways at citywide events.

Where we are today

Afterschool & Camp

We run After School Bike Clubs at elementary, middle and high schools all around San Francisco. Our 16-session long Bike Clubs give youth the opportunity to learn safe urban cycling skills while developing their ability to think independently. We offer bike camps for youth in grade K-8, ranging from Beginning Bike Camps to Advanced Mountain Bike Camps. 

Bike PE

YBike’s 10-day Bike Safety PE Unit encourages lifelong exercise by giving students the skills and confidence needed to enjoy outdoor urban cycling. The program is progressive and scalable, challenging novice riders and experts alike. In addition to providing students with cycling experience, this program also trains P.E. teachers to lead their own innovative and effective cycling programs.

Bike Rodeos

YBike’s Bike Rodeos introduce bicycling to elementary school aged youth in a fun, safe and structured way.  Children practice bike handling and balance skills on a carefully designed bike safety skills course as our instructors stress the importance of awareness and communication while biking.  More experienced riders learn about basic traffic rules by navigating their bikes through simulated intersections.

Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School is a national program that strives to make walking and bicycling to school safer and more accessible for children and their families.  YBike has been a member of the San Francisco Safe Routes to School Coalition since its inception in 2009.  YBike staff implement Safe Routes to School walking and biking curricula in 2nd and 4th grade classrooms at San Francisco Safe Routes to School’s 15 school sites, and facilitate biking activities at Safe Routes to School Community Events.

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