About The Program

YMCA Camp Jones Gulch provides experienced instructors, transportation, gear, and lifelong memories. Contacts us to plan a custom trip today!

During your trip, you’ll live outdoors, sleep outside, and work with your group to share responsibilities like cooking your own meals and setting up tents. You may also solve a teambuilding challenge, sing a song, make art, do yoga, or write a story. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself but even more a chance to be yourself. BOLD & GOLD Leaders develop:

  • Confidence – Believe in yourself and discover just how amazing you are!
  • Community Awareness – Be a part of a team that supports and accepts on another
  • Courage – Be strong and persevere through challenges.
  • Emotional Intelligence – Communicate clearly and think of others.
  • Wonder – Be enchanted by the wilderness

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A Program for Everyone

 We want to provide the opportunity for anyone and everyone to get outdoors and experience the wilderness. We offer discounts to non-profit groups and financial assistance for qualifying individuals in efforts to include everyone who would like to participate in the program. Organizations that serve diverse populations are strongly encouraged to participate.

Gender equality is an important component of our program as well. Choose either a single gender or co-ed experience to meet the needs of your organization.

BOLD or GOLD Trips

Our single gender boys (BOLD) or girls (GOLD) trips allow participants to be themselves while stepping out of their comfort zone.  You’ll have fun exploring the wonder of the wilderness while making new friends, and developing leadership skills that empower you on trail and at home.

Co-Ed Trips

On Co-Ed expeditions, instructors help you work together with your team in a way that empowers and allows equal space for everyone.

All You Need: A Desire to Go

Our trips are designed for beginners who are ready to embrace getting dirty and the adventure of living in the woods. No experience backpacking is necessary.

Gear: We provide all group gear and will send you a packing list prior to the trip. Missing something on the list? Let us know. We can probably loan it to you at no additional cost.

Staff: Our leaders are skilled at building strong groups, have extensive experience working with youth as well as adults, and are passionate about inspiring people of all ages to discover the best in themselves. All BOLD & GOLD instructors are experienced outdoor professionals, possess certifications in Wilderness Medicine, and have undergone background checks and abuse prevention training.

Getting There: If desired, we can provide transportation for your group on our 20-passenger bus and can transport equipment in an additional vehicle if necessary.

Groups We Serve

Youth Groups: Our program is perfect for youth ages 10 and up. We partner with schools, summer camps, other Ys, and other organizations who work with youth.

Adult Groups: For corporate and professional groups, our backpacking expeditions are a great chance to build connections, develop communication skills, and enjoy the outdoors together.

*We offer discounts to non-profit groups as well as financial assistance for individuals who otherwise could not afford this opportunity.


Trips Offered

3-Day Adventure

Travel to Big Basin State Park or Point Reyes National Seashore right here in the Bay Area and spend three days and two nights backpacking in one of the most beautiful places right here in our backyard. We’ll hike through beautiful forests, visit gushing waterfalls, and dip our toes in the ocean. Spend our nights stargazing, drinking hot cocoa, and sleeping peacefully at beautiful established campsites with primitive toilets.

$375 per person. *Significant discount offered for non-profit groups. Contact us to learn more.
Group Size: 6-12 people.

6-Day Journey

We’re bound for the shores of Lake Tahoe where after one night camping by the lake, we’ll start hiking up into the gorgeous mountains and vistas of the Desolation Wilderness. There we will stumble upon numerous waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, rocky outcrops, and inviting swimming holes. Set up camp each evening in unestablished spots off the side of the trail and enjoy the tranquility of true wilderness.

$600 per person. *Significant discount offered for non-profit groups. Contact us to learn more.
Group Size: 6-12 people.

10-Day Expedition

We’ll drive through the central valley to the beautiful mountains, gorgeous granite cliffs, and towering waterfalls of Yosemite National Park. After spending the first night camping outside the park, we’ll escape the crowds by venturing into Yosemite’s wilderness, enjoying beautiful views, cascading creeks, and starry nights. Each night, we stay somewhere off the beaten track, cook delicious meals, and share stories. After wrapping up the backpacking portion of the trip, we’ll end our voyage with some sightseeing in Yosemite Valley including Half Dome, El Capitan, and Yosemite Falls.

$1050 per person. *Significant discount offered for non-profit groups. Contact us to learn more.
Group Size: 6-12 people

Custom Trips

We will design a trip to meet the specific needs of your group. Contact us to let us know what you would like to do.

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