Together with our community, the Y of San Francisco is investing in facility improvements at two of our branches: Stonestown Family Y and Point Bonita Y. 

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Stonestown Family Y Capital Improvements

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Point Bonita Y Capital Improvements

Stonestown Family YMCA Capital Campaign

The Stonestown Family YMCA is the most comprehensive nonprofit social service agency in San Francisco’s District 7 and is a key contributor to the robust system that makes the Y an anchor institution in the San Francisco Bay Area. A vital service organization in the neighborhoods West of Twin Peaks, including the Sunset and Oceanview-Merced-Ingleside (OMI), the reach of the Y extends deep into the community. A provider of two preschools, eleven after school programs, a senior center, and a wellness facility collectively serving nearly 20,000 people each day. An investment in this project ensures that those most vulnerable will continue to benefit from the responsive social service network that is the Stonestown Family YMCA.

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Through the generous support of donors, our Capital Campaign project will offer members of our community a greater Y experience- more group exercise, a better YKids center, and some more elbow room! 

The new Childwatch will be located in the lobby area, making it easier for families to access, with direct access to outdoor space and a child-friendly private restroom.

(Studio view 1) More group exercise space means more convenient, and expanded, group exercise classes.

(Studio view 2) We will nearly double the space currently available for group exercise classes with the new studio.

We will improve our upstairs and downstairs cardio and strength training centers with new equipment, open ceilings, and updated finishes.

We will update the reception area to help improve flow.

Responding to the feedback of our membership community, Stonestown Family Y leadership has identified a critical need for capital improvements to strengthen the infrastructure of our YMCA.


Capital Improvements

Through this renovation, we’ll free up more than 1,500 square feet of usable space for a new group exercise studio, dramatically expanding our offerings for families across all of our spaces.

The relocated Children’s Center will be enhanced with direct access to the outdoors, better serving our children and families.

Aesthetic improvements will modernize the building, inside and out.

We have engaged wellness real estate and technology firm Delos® to provide wellness consulting services for our upcoming renovation. Delos will assist the project team in implementing evidence-based wellness strategies into the design, construction and operations of the building to support the health and well-being of employees, members and visitors.

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Find out more about changes to facility layout through our blueprints!


Learn more about this project in our Frequently Asked Questions.


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Erin Clark
District Vice President

“My kids feel loved. They develop real trusting relationships with the staff. You protect my kids and keep them safe while I’m at work. You teach them sports, swimming, crafts, games, songs, and conflict management. You teach them life lessons and skills like taking turns, listening, being kind, being honest. I really appreciate the influence you have on my kids.”

—Jim Benney, Camp & After School Parent

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Point Bonita YMCA Capital Campaign

Housed in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, nestled between the coast and the bay in the Marin Headlands, just before the historic Point Bonita Lighthouse, the Point Bonita YMCA is connects children and families to nature through school-based environmental education programs, camps, hikes, retreats for youth and adults, and more. 

Through capital renovations the Y of SF is investing in and improving a treasured public space.  


Capital improvements will engage more families and National Park visitors, and make this historic site more accessible. With modernized facilities we will be able to accommodate a wider variety of groups and participant needs which in turn provides more scholarship programs for youth and families. 

Having already updated four rooms, we now plan to make capital improvements to the rest of the campus including dorms, landscape, bathrooms and the addition of a public cafe. 

The Case for Nature

Youth spend more than 7.5 hours every day in front of a screen, and less time outdoors than any generation in human history. We also know that outdoor experiences are critical to a child's development- a culminating outdoor experience by age 8 leads to a 27% increase in mastery of science, problem solving skills, self-esteem, and positive behavior. 

Nearly half of low-income California parents- 42%- say their children have never participated in outdoor activities. Spaces such as Pt. Bonita are more critical than ever to the Bay Area. The Y is a leader in engaging youth in nature- read more.

We believe that access to nature is a birthright for all. Together, we have a unique opportunity to provide meaningful outdoor experiences for all families in the Bay Area. We aim to improve the Pt. Bonita campus so that hundreds of youth and families each year- who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity- will have a meaningful outdoor experience. 

The Point Bonita Y is "nearby nature"- just 10 minutes from San Francisco and Marin, our campus, Outdoor Education and Retreats are a treasured resource: help us create the future for Bay Area families. 


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Outdoor experiences are deeply important:


Lara Hitchcock

Associate Vice President Of People Strategy


Lara is passionate about getting youth outdoors, organizational culture, and trail running.