Community Outdoor Adventures 

To support your health and wellness goals, our Y staff have created a schedule of in-person outdoor activities for small groups of active Y Members. 

Ranging from yoga classes to guided runs and bike rides, our Community Outdoor Adventures are designed to help you stay active within current health and safety guidelines. 

The safety and health of our staff and members is of utmost importance to us. Please wear a face mask throughout the activity from before you arrive until after you leave the YMCA outdoor space. Read below to learn more about what to expect when you arrive at an outdoor activity.

To reserve your spot in an outdoor activity:

  • You must have an active Y Membership to register for our outdoor activities.
  • View the schedules page.
  • Filter by 'Outdoor' and branch location, and click on the activity's name.
  • Registration links will be posted 48 hours before the scheduled time of the activity.
  • Members must register no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the activity. 
  • After you submit your registration and active membership status is verified, registrants will receive an email confirmation with activity details.
  • Each activity is capped at 8 participants.
  • If a registered member cancels, we will contact the next member who submitted a registration.


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Upcoming Events


Hawk Hill
Sunday, August 16  8:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Time: 9am start, arrive by 8:45am

Trailhead/Starting Point: Gerbode Valley Parking Lot along Bunker Road in Marin Headlands



This one is a great alternative to getting to one of the most scenic locations in the Marin Headlands without needing to get find parking or getting stuck in traffic.

For this route, we’ll head out of the Gerbode Valley Parking Lot, cross Bunker Road, and make our way towards the Julian Trail. The steady climb up Julian will lead us to the roundabout along the popular Conzelman Road. Upon reaching the circle, we’ll make a left and hike our way alongside the scenic road up to Hawk Hill.

Although Hawk Hill has one of the best views of the city, we think the best views of the Pacific Ocean and the coastal Headlands comes after walking through the 2 tunnels at Hawk Hill! Once we’re ready to make our way back down, we’ll take the wooden stairs down until reaching the Coastal Trail and make our way back to the parking lot.

If you decide to join us on this hike, be prepared to:

  • Go through a health screen prior to hiking at 8:45am
  • Show a valid photo ID and event ticket
  • Wear a mask and come prepared with anything you’ll need to hike comfortably
  • Have a full water bottle prior to arrival as we will not have access to water fountains or bathrooms
  • Arrive to the area earlier than 8:45 to look for parking

UPDATE 8/21/2020: While we know how important it is to spend time outside whenever possible for both mental and physical health, we're going to take a break for this week due to the air quality around the Bay Area. If you do need to get your outside time, we suggest going on walks during the early mornings or later in the evening. Perhaps its time to re-explore your neighborhood and enjoy some gentle walks with sprinkles of sidewalk joy in the form of chalk art or a good old game of hopscotch. 

Remember to always use your best judgement based on your health and the Air Quality Index for your area. If you're staying indoors, this is the perfect time to try out our Workout of the Week or choose a class from our Public Group Exercise Schedule.

What to expect when you arrive: 

  1. Reservations are required for Community Outdoor Adventures. Please visit our schedule for dates and times (limited to 8 in-person attendees per activity).  
  2. Please arrive on time for class and line up at least 6 feet apart from other members and staff, following designated social distancing markings. Note that YSF buildings will remain closed; bathrooms and water fountains will not be available. 
  3. Please ensure you bring all appropriate personal items to participate in your activity. Please review the specific activity on the schedules page for the list of appropriate items (including water bottle, and photo ID). 
  4. Go through safety health screening with YSF staff.  
  5. Directly after clearing the health screening, use hand-sanitizer. If a touchless application is not available, YSF staff will spray or pump it on your hands.  
  6. Walk to designated gathering location and await instructions.  
  7. The Y will have wipes and hand sanitizer available for use of your personal equipment (please bring class-specific items with you). 
  8. Await instructions from instructor or host. Note that some outdoor classes will have the teacher being filmed as a live virtual offering, so following safety protocols is extremely important. You will not be filmed as a participant. 
  9. At the end of the activity, the Y will have wipes and hand sanitizer available for use for your personal equipment. Once the instructor or host instructs you to use it, please do so one by one, following social distancing.  
  10. Maintain social distancing as you and fellow members leave the YMCA outdoor space. 
  11. Schedule is subject to change/classes may be cancelled due to weather.