YMCA Camp Jones Gulch Alumni Group

Alumni Reunion: TBD

A camp experience stays with you for a lifetime

YMCA Camp Jones Gulch builds friendships that last a lifetime. Join the YMCA Camp Jones Gulch Alumni Group and connect with former campers and staff. This is a great way to stay in touch, learn about upcoming events, stay informed on current projects, and support YMCA Camp Jones Gulch! Anyone who has ever come to Camp for any program or attended any camp program throughout the year is considered an alumni.  If you want to be an alumni, you are; it’s that simple!

As an alumni of YMCA Camp Jones Gulch you know what it’s like to pull into the entrance road at Camp and roll down your windows and smell the redwood forest, to wake up to the chatter of children anticipating a new experience, and to sit around a campfire and laugh and sing with the best friends you’ll ever have. The alumni group has been established to help reunite long lost camp friends to keep these memories alive.

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Benefits of joining include:

  • An alumni newsletter to share stories and keep you informed
  • Attendance at special alumni events
  • Contact information for long lost camp friends

How can you help Camp today?

  • Join the group using the links on this page to stay connected and informed of upcoming events and opportunities
  • Stay connected or reconnect with your friends from your time at Camp through our Facebook page
  • Give back: Donate to camp today to ensure that all children regardless of ability to pay are able to have an overnight camp experience!
  • Spread the word – continue to talk with friends and colleagues about YMCA Camp Jones Gulch! Encourage them to send their children to Resident Camp.

The mission of our alumni group is to maintain and strengthen relationships between past generations of campers and staff. All of us talk about how meaningful the friendships are that we’ve made at Camp—whenever we talk with alumni the first thing they recount is a shared experience with a friend they made at Camp. There’s no better way to stay in touch with your camp friends or reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in a while than through the alumni group. Join us, you’re friends are waiting for you!