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Tomorrows Leaders Today

Over the past 7 months our Youth & Government Delegates have been working hard. They have been learning about our state legislature & court systems, writing bills, and understanding the democratic process.

This year San Francisco - Youth & Government ran 13 campaigns for leadership positions on the statewide level. During the 69th Model Legislature & Court we will have 6 delegates representing our San Francisco Cluster. 



Bitota Mpolo - SFY/Buchanan

Chief Clerk of the Assembly 


Larissa Qian -SFY/Peninsula 

Justices - Supreme Court

Niurka Robleto - SFY/Burton

Deputy Sergeant at Arms

Isabella Bricknell - SFY/Stonestown 


Rosie Bell - SFY/Buchanan

Committee Chair and Vice Committee Chair - Human Rights


Asher Thibeault SFY/Marin

Vice Committee Chair - Public Works


We are so proud of our Y&G Leaders! 


Learn more about the Y and G program and how you can be involved!