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Supporting Those Impacted by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

We never expect the impact that natural disasters have on our nation until we're in the thick of it. The feelings, emotions, are overwhelming. The damage is indescribable. So many fellow Americans lost their homes, their keepsakes, their animals, and their lives. With no end in sight, and with repairs estimated to take years, individuals impacted need help and they need it now. Being quite a distance away, it's hard to even comprehend where to begin. Within the next few weeks, we will have more information on how to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, but for now, what we are hearing is that they need monetary donations more than anything as they are not able to accept donated goods.

How To Help

  3. Text HOUSTON to 91999

Additionally, the YMCA Retirement Fund is accepting monetary donations specifically to support YMCA staff who have been affected personally by Hurricane Harvey. Make checks out to the YMCA Retirement Fund, designated to the Hurricane Harvey YMCA Staff Fund, and mail them to:

YMCA Retirement Fund
Attn: Hurricane Harvey YMCA Staff Fund
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271-1999

Continued Efforts

We are in close communication with senior leadership at YMCA of USA about Houston and Florida relief efforts. Many branches in Houston have sustained heavy flood damage and Houston will need ongoing support to rebuild. We are still determining the extent of the needs in Florida and will be updating as we know more. This is no where near the end, folks, and many communities will need significant help.

Thank you.