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Kids Who Code

Learning the Language of Computer Programming

Thanks to a partnership with, summer campers from Chinatown YMCA got the chance to get some hands-on experience with computer programming with the technology staff team at  

Nine year old camper, Ashen (pictured above, center), shares why she loves to code:

"My favorite thing about coding is I get to make games and share them with other people. I'm also looking forward to making a robot. I want to build one on my own for fun." - Ashen, 9

Hands on Learning

The Macy' technology staff supporting these young campers all seemed to share the same view, that these kids were so eager to code and were so self-directed, that it felt like the campers didn't really have many questions for the adults.

Watching this room full of eager kids waiting to get started, the adults erupted into laughs when one staff asked, "Who knows how to use the computer program Scratch?" and all the Y campers quickly raised their hands.


The Importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Angelo Cilia, Corporate Communications Manager at

(Pictured, top left)

"Today we are excited to teach kids from our local YMCA’s summer camp about STEM careers and how to code at our Macy’s Tech headquarters in San Francisco. For many of these kids, this will be their first hands-on lesson about how technology allows companies like Macy’s to create meaningful experiences for people online. Our dedicated Macy’s team is honored with the opportunity to inspire this next generation by showing them what a career in technology looks like." 


Mike Robinson, Executive Vice President at

(Pictured, top right)

"Macy’s believes in investing and connecting with our local communities, and co-sponsoring this event at the our offices is our way of deepening that connection here in San Francisco. One of these incredibly bright kids from our local YMCA could go on to develop that next great idea that helps Macy’s as a business… or all of us as a society. We firmly believe in the mantra, 'When our community is healthy, our business is healthy,' and this is just one more way we are investing in our local community."