Model United Nations


Program Overview

The California YMCA Youth & Government – Model United Nations program is a simulation of the “real-life” United Nations Assembly for middle school students. Students will research, debate and establish policies, treaties and resolutions.  The focus will be on international issues, including disputes between countries, peace-keeping responsibilities and stabilizing financial markets.  The program concludes with an Assembly involving youth from YMCA’s all over California, representing each nation recognized by the United Nations. 


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Program Schedule, Meetings and Conferences:

The program will run once a week for 1.5 hours, starting in November, and host 3 weekend conferences. Within the program delegates’ research, debate and establish policies, treaties and resolutions. Their main focuses are international issues, including disputes between countries, peacekeeping efforts, border crisis, stabilizing financial markets and dealing with hunger, disease and poverty. The four-month program culminates when delegates from around the state meet at the annual Model United Nations Summit in Los Angeles, California. The Training Conference curriculum includes a thorough orientation of the overall program and its program areas, as well as workshops that focus on culture acceptance, public speaking, and leadership skills. Delegates also receive an introduction to the staff, role training, and a chance to meet program participants from other across the state. 

Weekly Meetings

Delegates participate in the program through the SFY/Richmond delegation. SFY/Richmond hosts weekly meetings starting in November, which are mostly facilitated by youth officers but are supported by adult advisors and volunteers. 

Location and Time: Richmond District YMCA, 360 18th Ave San Francisco, Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 p.m.


The California YMCA Youth & Government MUN program holds two conferences each year.

MUN Training Conference: Held at Camp Jones Gulch, near La Honda, the first conference of the year focuses on giving new delegates an overview of the Model United Nations program. Returning Delegates will focus on leadership development. During this conference participants receive specific training on their role in the Model United Nations.​

18th Model United Nations Summit: The Model United Nations Summit is held in Los Angeles, California at the LAX Sheraton. This four-day conference is the heart of the MUN program. Delegates are given a chance to put all their research and practice to work as they perform their roles and explore how the United Nations is run. In addition to statewide conferences, local activities focused on community building will be planned with other YMCA of San Francisco delegations.

Point Bonita Day Trip (local): Lunch will be provided and students will have an opportunity to meet other students in MUN from San Francisco. The day will focus on building relationships through activities that challenge them and explore leadership development.

Program Areas

  • Security Council
  • International Court of Justice
  • General Assembly 
  • Economic and Social Council
  • International Press Corps
  • Non-Governmental Organizations





Brandon Drake

Brandon believes in the power of Y programs to help youth develop their identities and form deeper connections with one another.